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HMS Book Club

Format and Meetings:

Students will have book club meetings every month during club days first block.  Dates will be announced prior to meetings. Students may share through book trailers, blogs, prezi, powerpoint, book jackets, etc.  Book responses may also be shared also through a safe blog, cafeteria announcements, etc. (Note: please read the permission slip concerning Internet use, sign, and return to the sponsor.)

Content and Book Selection:

This club is based on the idea that students like to read a variety of types of books in contemporary MG (Middle Grade) and YA (Young Adult) literature. Therefore, it is important that this be recreational/student choice readings, meaning these are not "required books" or books for their English/Reading classes.   If books are individual choices, the book club teacher sponsor(s) will not be responsible for ensuring that each book is appropriate for each and every reader. It is up to each family/parent/guardian to decide which book club selections are appropriate for their students.

Costs and Commitments:

Each student is responsible for acquiring his/her own copy of the book club selection if the book is not in our media center. All of the book club selections will be available at multiple retail stores (Barnes and Noble, Target, McKay's, Walmart, etc.) and may also be available at the public library and/or the school library.

Students may volunteer to bring some refreshments, such as do-nuts, bagels, etc.

HMS will also have reading t-shirts available for purchase later in the semester. These will be optional, and the designs will be voted on by the group.


Students who share a book activity will have their names and books emailed to the language arts teachers who will count the book toward the school's "Strive for 25" program without having to do the regular required paperwork for the book. (For information on the "Strive for 25" program, see the school's web site.  Also there will be occasional drawings for small prizes, etc. 

Typical Meeting:

  • Whole group refreshments, discussions, voting on book choices, etc.
  • Students share their readings in whole group/small groups. students work on book trailers through animoto, windows movie maker, etc., work on book jackets or other activity, or blog. (This is a blog through a teacher website and is a safe commentary on the book.  Students will not be allowed to respond to other students' comments.  Student numbers will be used instead of names, and will not be posted until a sponsor reads the comments.)
  • Students are given next month book choices or vote on book choices.

Important Links:

Permission Form

Book Club Blog

September/October  Book Choice Info

Book Club Sponsors: Mrs. Carlock and Mrs. Adderholt

Any questions?  Mrs. Carlock is in room 701 or contact at