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8th Grade Wishes as part of Heritage Middle School’s recommitment to its Renaissance Program this year!
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Friday, March 01, 2013

At Heritage Middle School this year, we have recommitted to our Renaissance Program. Part of that recommitment is trying to make the 8th grade year extra special. Events include allowing our 8th graders to eat at the mall on field trips, 8th grade wishes, and the 8th grade sunset.

There are a few guidelines for the 8th grade wishes. The program is only for 8th graders who complete a nine weeks with perfect attendance and/or no discipline referrals. The wish must be something that is possible for HMS to grant. The wish cannot cost more than $5.oo. A student may wish something for someone else if they chose to do so. Finally, the wish may not interfere with the student’s education for a long period of time. Pictured below is 8th grader Alexys Bolden with Mr. Lusk. Her granted wish was to receive a big jar of pickles. Other wishes which have been granted include lunch from outside restaurants like Taco Bell, Subway, and Chic fil a, the opportunity to play basketball during first block with friends, and a behind the scenes tour of Heritage High School with principal Ronnie Bradford.


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