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Lusk, Chris Principal
Butler, Melissa Assistant Principal
Davis, Bobby Assistant Principal

Allen, Amy 6th Grade Language Arts
Allen, Travis ISS
Beasley, Misty 8th Grade Science
Blake, Danielle SPED 7th Math
Bone, Stephanie 6th Grade Science
Bradley, Steve Computer Keyboarding/Applications
Burkett, Meredith 7th Grade ELA & Social Studies
Burns, Drew SPED GNETS
Camp, Melissa SPED ELA & Social Studies
Carlock, Billie Horizon Language Arts
Carter, Amy Chorus/Drama
Chambers, Amy SPED Social Studies & Math
Chappelear, Beth Horizon Social Studies
Cochran, Julie SPED Math
Cornelius, Jeff 7th Grade Social Studies
Culpepper, Mathon 8th Grade Social Studies
Davis, Jennifer SPED 8th ELA
Dunfee, Stacy 7th Grade Language Arts
Edwards, Kami 8th Grade Math Social Studies
Edwards, Mel P.E. Teacher
Erwin, Nathan SPED 7th Math & Science
Evans, Stacey SPED 7th Science & Social Studies
Forkner, Becky P.E. Teacher
Fritsch, Kristy 6th Grade Math
Hall, Lindsey Agricultural Education
Higgins, Charlene Horizon Mathematics grades 6, 7, and 8
Hill, Thomas PE
Hodge, Dean Art
Holliday, Jeff 8th Grade Science & Social Studies
Hunt, Shaneka Counselor
Jenkins, Tom SPED 6th Science & Social Studies
Johnston, Amanda School Counselor
Lankford, Bill SPED 8th Social Studies & Science
Lefkoff, Rebecca 6th Grade Science & Social Studies
Levan, Grace SPED 6th ELA
List, Bonny Occupational Therapy
Littlejohn, Robbie 7th Grade Science
Lollis, Megan SPED 7/8th ELA
Marcus, Chris School Resource Officer
Mathis, Angie 7th Grade Math
Millwood, LoriAnn 6th Grade Math and Language Arts
Miracle, Kim SPED 7th Language Arts
Montgomery, Denise Horizon Science
Moore, Windi SPED GNETS
Morgan, Kara SPED 8th Math
Neel, Ansley SPED 6th ELA & Math
Newsome, Elizabeth 8th Grade Language Arts
Nichols, Caitlin 7th Grade Language Arts
Nichols, Melody 8th Grade Social Studies
Nickel, Suzanne 6th Grade Social Studies
Nix, Sara 7th Science & Math
Norman, Laura 6th Grade Math
Parham, Cheryl 8th grade ELA & Social Studies
Parker, Stephanie SPED Math
Pousson, Beth SPED 6th ELA
Pursley, Mary 8th Grade Science
Reeves, Kim 6th Grade Horizon Language Arts and Social Studies
Rhodes, Leah Speech and Language Pathologist
Sawyer, Beth SPED 6th Math
Sheets, Shannon 7th Grade Social Studies
Simpson, Brian P.E. Teacher
Smallen, Kristi Academic Coach
Stoker, Heather 8th Grade Math
Sullivan, Joan SPED Social Studies
Tindell, David 7th Grade Math
Torbett, Charlie Gateway
Torbett, Shannon 6th Grade Social Studies
Trotter, Eddy Media Specialist
Vining, Beth Home Economics
Walther, Jamie 7th Grade Science
Watson, Leigh SPED Language Arts/Social Studies
Wiggins, Karen 6th Grade Science
Womack, Sherri 8th Grade Math
Woodard, Keesha 6th Grade Language Arts
Wynn, Bill Band Director
Wynne, Stefanie 8th Grade Language Arts

Babb, Jennifer Paraprofessional
Brown, Julie Secretary to Mr. Lusk
Bryson, Virginia Paraprofessional
Colbert, Marlene Cafeteria Manager
Conley, Renee Secretary to Mr. Davis/Attendance Secretary
Edgecomb, Katrina Paraprofessional
Ellis, Courtney Receptionist
Flegal, Nicole GNETS Paraprofessional
Graves, Melissa GNETS Paraprofessional
Gross, Elouise Bookkeeper
Gross, LeAnn Paraprofessional
Harris, Brooke Paraprofessional
Hookey, Paul Custodian
Horne, Tim Custodian
Hudson, Stephanie Cafeteria
Hughes, Tavron GNETS Paraprofessional
Keith, Trina Custodian
Kennedy, Libby Bookkeeper
Kinsey, Elaine Cafeteria Manager
Leamon, Alma Custodian
Lusk, Clark Paraprofessional
Marcus, Chris School Resource Officer
Marshall, Delissa GNETS Paraprofessional
McDaniel, Karin Cafeteria
Pappu, Jameson Custodian
Phillips, Amy Cafeteria
Pickett, Danielle Paraprofessional
Reese, Charlotte Registrar
Richardson, Jeremy Technology
Smith, Kristen School Nurse
Taylor, Holly Paraprofessional
Whitener, Carol Paraprofessional